Problems getting started with online learning

I think the bigger problem is HOW we went to online learning. If you take a high school teacher and place her in a kindergarten classroom with the expectation to carry on as normal or vice versa the same thing would happen – confused and overwhelmed teachers.
But if the experts could offer advice about time management and types of content to deliver the confusion and overwhelmed feeling would diminish. Listen to the experts and reduce the stress you are creating. Start creating activities that are project-based not worksheet based. This is not a physical classroom setting.
In the long run, blended learning has a good chance of continuing on when this time period ends. Having all students exposed to a virtual platform and digital means of communication is very important. And yes it starts in kindergarten with something like Seesaw. I think we are going to learn a lot and change the world of education.
Thanks for being like-minded educators who can peek into the future of learning, teaching, and sharing.

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