Did the kids learn?

The kids have learned a tremendous amount of information they’ve learned how to communicate digitally they’ve learned more about their computers or iPads then they would have while attending school they’ve learned leadership skills and problem-solving skills so what’s wrong why is everyone saying our kids have not learned anything and they’re going to fall way behind when they before they start school next year.

My concern is that the skills they have learned like problem-solving, creative thinking, and communication are going to go by the wayside because those skills are not on a standardized test. When we look at the whole child we can see learning took place, we can hear learning took place. But where we can’t see learning took place is on the standardized test. My fear when the kids return to school in Fall of 2021 is going backward. What will education look like? Are we going to disregard all the different kinds of learning that took place and go back to teaching as we did in the 1950s? Or are we going to embrace the changes that did take place and transform education into a creative, problem-solving think tank? This is one of the many questions that keep spinning around in my head about the future of education. Thank you for listening, I need to get an Advil.

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