Opportunity Knocking

Today marks the fifth day of Home Learning. I don’t want to call it homeschooling or distance learning because it’s really not. Parents are forced to teach or to fill the role of the teacher so that’s not really homeschooling because it’s not a choice. Parents are trying to provide a digital connection for distance learning so that their children can do their school work online. But that’s not really distance learning, otherwise, this would have been set up prior to starting.  

However, what I’m seeing is that the kids are taking control. We have an opportunity before us to let the kids guide the learning, let the kids choose what they’re passionate about and make a plan for their own learning. What does that look like? How can we contribute to that? 

As an adult, I can offer suggestions on ways to find information, ways to implement the use of the information, but what I can’t do is create their passion. I can’t create their journey to learning. 

As much as I embrace this opportunity to affect change in education it’s going to take more than me.  I want to hear from the kids in the trenches what they like, what they don’t like, what the roadblocks, are how did they move through the roadblocks. I want to see the kids create content that others can use, that others can learn from, that shows what they’re passionate about because I feel the kids are going to help solve the pandemic that’s going on right now in education.

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