Power is the ability to effect change… great comment I heard on one of the morning shows today. I was eating breakfast and listening to the TV, something I very rarely get to do. When I heard this statement I immediately began to think about the power we have before us. I have been teaching online now for about 15 years. I love it, but the k-12 learning environment has been slow to change. But in the next few months I think we are going to learn a lot about online learning for k12.

Today was a bit rocky. A lot of confusion and, as expected, S…L…O…W content delivery. We learned one thing already, many kids want to connect at a distance but maybe the current infrastructure is not where it should be. We also learned that even though many of the teachers were apprehensive about Monday morning many of them were trying to participate. In some cases they tried too hard. A word of advice to all of the new “online” teachers set office hours to accommodate all of the students. Morning. afternoon, and evening hours will be important. Also build time in for yourself. After the first few days, you will find your groove. Asking students to meet with you online can work, but it will not work for all. Be sure to record the conversation so those who could not make it can at least listen to it.

I am looking forward to how will will empower our future generation. I think we are going to learn so much in the next few weeks.

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