Today is the Day

Today is the day to reinvent education. The high stakes test is canceled. You have just been given a free pass to teach children. But you must do it in a virtual setting!?
Today is the day you get to think about how to change content delivery. One size does not fit all. Today is the day to create personal learning plans. You have an advantage, you have been with your students for 2/3’s of the school year.
Today is the day to allow the students choice, ownership, voice, and authentic learning. Today is the day to reinvent education.
Ask a big question, collaborate with other subject-matter teachers, provide choice with the final assessment of understanding. Today is the day to reinvent education.
Take away the schedule, create due dates. Be flexible, remove the low level “googling” questions, ask for a demonstration of learning – Write a digital book, create a video game, make a movie, record an audio response. We have the tools, we have unchartered territory. Some things will work, others will fail miserably. Welcome to the real world where on the job training is a process. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to let the kids take the lead. Everyone learns from everyone. Today is the day to reinvent education.
Educators know how to reinvent education, now is your chance to show the world what can be done. Today is the day we reinvent education!

Stand strong, we can do it!

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