iBuild Academy – First 4 Weeks

Today is the last day of the first month of operation for iBuild Academy, Inc. We had many firsts and I am proud to say Month 1 was a huge success. We had several children take monthly sessions in all three ecosystems, Minecraft, engineering, and robots. We had a huge turn out for our first Day Camp. Both sessions were full of excitement, problem-solving and fun. But I think the most fun was the Parent Night Out. The theme of the night was “An aMazing Adventure.” Everything the children did during the course of the event was based on a maze. The warm-up activity was a simple paper-pencil maze, that was pretty difficult. the teamwork started at that point. Then we started on the main even activities. In small groups students built a maze for the robots to move through, a marble maze was made in sticks and cardboard and then mazes on the ground and in the sky were created in Minecraft. The children were so busy we had to force them to stop so they could eat dinner. I find it very satisfying that iBuild Academy is immersing the minds of the children into creative problem-solving tasks that they are having fun doing. Parent Night Out hard a hard time ending. The good news is there is another one next month. March 2016 is Month 2. We already have children signed up for monthly sessions and Spring Break Camp. I predict another successful month. Take a look at the intense faces from the last 30 days.

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