Build A Video Game


Video Game DesignThis Course will provide directions to build a video game using Construct3. Video tutorials will be provided along with text documentation. This course will review basic file management and basic copyright information for obtaining images to use in your video game prior to starting the course. There is no software to purchase.

Suggested ages: 9 - 99 

A-Mazing Project

MazesA maze is a series of paths. It has a start point and a finish point. However, to get to the finish you have to avoid the traps. The traps are paths that lead you away from the finish line. Can you make an amazing maze? Let's try!

Parental assistance might be needed.

Cardboard Challenge

*** Coming Soon ***

Cardboard CharactersIn this course, you will learn how to create Minecraft Characters from cardboard. The basic shape to build is a cube. Using a ruler will be very important to make the perfect cube. Start collecting cardboard! 

Geo Fun

*** Coming Soon ***

Geo FunShapes are everywhere, they are the building blocks for everything. In this project, we will work with simple 2D shapes and turn them into three-dimensional shapes.

Bridges and Structures

*** Coming Soon ***

BridgesIn this course, you will learn about the many different shapes that help to create strong bridges and structures. You will build different bridges and structures from material found at home or can be purchased at the dollar store.