Build A Video Game


Video Game DesignThis Course will provide directions to build a video game using Construct3. Video tutorials will be provided along with text documentation. This course will review basic file management and basic copyright information for obtaining images to use in your video game prior to starting the course. There is no software to purchase.

Suggested ages: 9 - 99 

Module 1 Preparing to Design a Video Game
Lesson 1 Game Design Vocabulary
Lesson 2 Exploring File Management 
Lesson 3 Thoughts About Your First Game?
Module 2 Game Artwork
Lesson 1 Understand copyright with respect to free use
Lesson 2 Create your own images
Lesson 3 Google Search For Images
Lesson 4 Sites with copy free media for download
Module 3 The Game Engine
Lesson 1 Locate the game editor
Lesson 2 Suggested Tutorials
Module 4 Share your project
Lesson 1 Finished Project