A-Mazing Project

MazesA maze is a series of paths. It has a start point and a finish point. However, to get to the finish you have to avoid the traps. The traps are paths that lead you away from the finish line. Can you make an amazing maze? Let's try!

Parental assistance might be needed.

Module 1 Welcome to A-Mazing Project
Lesson 1 All Materials Needed
Lesson 2 Learning Outcomes
Module 2 Paper Maze
Lesson 1 Paper Maze Materials
Lesson 2 The Path
Lesson 3 Design the Path
Lesson 4 Video - Building the Walls
Lesson 5 The Traps
Lesson 6 Video - Adding The Traps
Lesson 7 Cleaning up Your Paper Maze
Lesson 8 Adding Marker Lines
Lesson 9 The Final Maze
Module 3 Simple Maze
Lesson 1 Marble Maze Materials
Lesson 2 The Path
Lesson 3 The Traps
Lesson 4 Maze Construction
Lesson 5 Video - Adding Straws
Lesson 6 Final Construction
Module 4 Cardboard Maze - Materials
Lesson 1 Cardboard Maze Materials
Lesson 2 The Path
Lesson 3 Final Preparation
Lesson 4 Construction
Lesson 5 Construction Video
Lesson 6 Swinging Door
Lesson 7 Swinging Door Video